We get it. The auction is different and there's a lot to know. So we've put together some tutorial videos to help you navigate the ins and outs of buying at UFG.

Getting Started at UFG

A quick intro to what makes UFG different than conventional wholesale and distribution centers.

How the auction works

Learn more about how the auction works by watching one of our auction clocks in action.

Installing Remote Buyer

Run through a basic install of our Remote Buyer software on a Windows computer.

Navigating the auction screen

Learn the basics of navigating the main auction screen in Remote Buyer.

Making a Purchase

Review the different methods available to navigate between clocks and make a purchase in Remote Buyer.

Product Search

Learn how to use our Product Search feature, and even create your own custom searches.

Auto Purchase & Bookmarks

Learn the basics of setting and reviewing Auto Purchases and Bookmarks.

Shopping List (coming soon!)

Learn how to use our powerful new Shopping List feature available in the 2.7 Remote Buyer series.

Help & Support

Learn how to contact us during an auction, check your account info, retrieve invoices and more on our Help & Support tab.

Ordering through our Commission Buyers

Get started ordering through our Commission Buyers through our online Floral Market Place.

Ordering direct from our Growers

Learn how to order direct from our Growers through the "Greenhouse Direct" feature on our online Floral Market Place.

Search, and reviewing your orders

An overview of how to search for available listings and check your orders on our Floral Market Place.